Terms you may encounter within Midkemia - Midkemia Online Online Help

1.8 Terms you may encounter within Midkemia

What follows is a list of terms and acronyms that may be unfamiliar
to you but that you may encounter while playing Midkemia. It is not
a comprehensive list but should be enough to get you by.

 - Individual spells or physical skills. They are grouped together in

 - Channels are a way of speaking to a group of people without being 
   in the same location. See HELP CHANNELS for more information.

 - Usually refers to one of the various adventurer-run cities

Credits, normal
 - A form of in-game currency that may be sold on the credit market,
   transferred to other characters, or converted into Bound Credits.

Credits, Bound
 - A form of in-game currency that may be used to purchase artifacts, 
   convert into lessons in order to raise skills, and more.

 - Inhabitants of the realms that are not adventurers.

 - A measure of your character's physical well-being, expressed as a 
   number from 0 (dead) to a variable maximum based on a number of 

- Refers to the set of text displayed when one types HONORS <adventurer>.                                                           

IC (In Character)
 - This means something you have done while you are your character.
   Everything you do, aside from private talking, is automatically
   considered to be in-character. Even private talking can be considered   
   IC, if one party chooses to do so.

   Note: This does NOT apply to the Newbie Channel

 - The general name for the list of all the items you are holding,
   wearing, or wielding.

IRL (In Real Life)
 - Sometimes used to refer to things outside of Midkemia.

 - You must have these to learn (see LEARNING) and thus raise your 

 - A measurement of how much experience you've gotten. Levels begin from 
   level 1 and are without limits, and each has a unique name attached.
   You'll be informed whenever you go up or down a level, and you may gain free
   lessons or Bound Credits when you do so.

 - Denizens. Inhabitants of the realms that are not adventurers.

MUD (Multi-User Dungeon)
 - Sometimes used as a generic term for all online persistent worlds 
   or as a term for a certain segment of them.

NPC (Non-Player Character)
 - An inhabitant of the realms that is not an adventurer.

OOC (Out Of Character)
 - Referring to things outside of (or foreign to) Midkemia, like
   a popular performing figure or sporting team or the European Union.
   All public things in Midkemia must be IC, for example: MARKET, GT,
   SHOUTS, and CT. Most private things are also IC, such as says.

 - A location which is displayed with a title, such as "A debris-filled 
   passageway" or "Thesas's sitting room."
 - An area of space of varying size. Your character will always be in a
   room. Unless he's not. At which point you might be in a bit of trouble. 

RL (Real Life)
 - Sometimes used to refer to things outside of Midkemia.

RP (Roleplay)
 - This term means to do things and say things as if you
   were your character. Speaking of anything your character couldn't
   know about, or doing anything your character wouldn't do by virtue 
   of his or her personality, is poor RP.

 - A adventurer-created organization used for a variety of purposes.

 - Sets of ABILITIES. Type SKILLS to see which ones you have.

 - In the context of Midkemia, spamming means sending repeated, unwanted
   text at someone for the purpose of annoyance. It is not acceptable to
   spam someone simply because he or she chooses not to respond to you.