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9.26 Swordmastery

Swordmastery is the art of blade forms as practiced by the Queen's Guard of Elvandar, and taught only to their most elite Soldiers. Wielding enormous two-handed greatswords, a Swordmaster commands both the natural magic of the forests and a devastating physical offense based on fluid sword-forms, interweaving both disciplines to deadly effect. An Eledhel art tempered by the forest-lore of their people, Swordmasters are also at ease in any natural environment, moving swiftly and silently through the forests in the ever-vigilant defense of their home.

Not true magicians in any sense, Swordmasters instead draw upon the natural magics inherent to Elvandar, bonding to one of the Great Trees and fighting valiantly to defend it by infusing its magic into his or her greatsword.

(Note: This skillset relies heavily on the Queen's Guard and Spellweavers to unlock its full potential, so it is not recommended for enemies of Elvandar.)