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11.8.11 Sung

Sung is one of the most peaceful and placid gods of the Midkemian pantheon. She is the Goddess of purity and perfection, peace and tranquility. She personifies all that is stable and is an epitome of those who wish to live a serene lifestyle.

Her priesthood is chaste and avoids romantic dalliance or involvement between sexes. Higher ranked members of her clergy often wear white robes, while acolytes wear black or sometimes brown garments. Their activities are diverse and range from being advisors to nobles, providing charity in the slums of large cities or poor quarters, assisting as counselors for whores and dock rats and in some places across Midkemia her priests run elitist academies for young nobles or those with promise.

Many believe the followers of Sung are the best equipped to deal with extra-dimensional foes, demons or spirits. Some of her followers assist Lims-Kragma's in dealing with the powers of necromancy which sometimes infest rural places in Midkemia.

Her temples are generally large structures and abbeys where her followers reside before heading out to do their work in the community. They are almost universally found within large cities where there are more people in need of help in large quantities.

Sung is also known as LaTimsa in some parts of Kesh and Roldem and is sometimes referred to as The White, the Pure and the Follower of one Path.