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4.2 Status

The STAT/STATUS command gives you some further information on the status of your character. Below is an example of the STATUS screen of an adventurer named John.

John Doe
Strength : 80 Dexterity : 15 Constitution : 40
Intelligence : 18 Willpower : 15
You are fully rested.
You are utterly satiated.
You are utterly quenched.
You are sober and in control.
You have 150 lessons, 0 credits, and 0 bound credits.
You have 1 free base statistic reset.
You have played for a total of 0 days, 10 hours and 38 minutes.
This week you have played a total of 0 days, 10 hours and 35 minutes.
When you shout, others will hear: The utterly anonymous voice of John Doe shouts, "Blah blah blah."
Your motto: "John who?"
You will timeout after 30 minutes of idleness/inactivity.

What it's telling you:

Line 1: Your character's name and title.
Lines 2 and 3: Your character's attributes. These grow as your character gains levels; see HELP STRENGTH, HELP DEXTERITY, HELP CONSTITUTION, HELP INTELLIGENCE, and HELP WILLPOWER for more information on them.
Line 4: How rested your character is. Just like in reality, your character must sleep on occasion... this will tell you how close your character is to passing out due to exhaustion.
Line 5: How hungry your character is. Also like in reality, your character needs to eat. Don't let your character get too hungry!
Line 6: How thirsty your character is. Same as above, only with liquids!
Line 7: How drunk your character is. Finally, just like in reality, heavy drinking will take a toll on your character. While effects at first might be humorous, like slurred speech, they can quickly become more serious.
Line 8: Any lessons, credits, or bound credits you might possess. See HELP LEARNING and HELP CREDITS for more information on those.
Line 9: Any free attribute resets your character might have. All new characters begin with one, and there are other ways to acquire them. See HELP ARTIFACTS
Lines 10 and 11: Time totals for how much you've played this week, and in total.
Line 12: How others will hear any SHOUTing done by your character. These change as your character gains levels.
Line 13: What your motto or warcry currently is.
Line 14: What your automatic timeout is currently set to.