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There are two parts to Stardock, the port town that has grown around the ferry, where traders from far off places gather to sell unusual wares, including marble statues that you can have made to your own specifications. The port town is small and appears almost temporary, though it has stood for many years now.

The other part of Stardock is the island itself, where the legendary Stardock Academy has been constructed by the magician Pug. All who use the magical arts are welcome upon this island, where they share the lore and knowledge of aeons. The Academy's day to day affairs are run by the Council of Magic, which is comprised of the three heads of Stardock's factions: the Hands of Korsh, the Wand of Watume, and the Blue Riders. Each faction has its own distinct worldview and philosophy, and the Magicians of each faction often vie against the others for power and influence in the Academy through shrewd political scheming and subtle machinations.