Specifics of Midkemia - Midkemia Online Online Help

6 Specifics of Midkemia

6.1    Parties           How to form parties with other adventurers.
6.2    Fines             Paying off fines to remove enemy status.
6.3    Allies            How to declare someone an official ally of yours.
6.4    Enemies           How to declare someone an official enemy of yours.
6.5    Guides            Characters who exist to help newbies.
6.6    Elections         Elections, Referendums, and democratic politics.
6.7    Butchering        Butchering corpses in slaughterhouses.
6.8    Mentors           What they are, why you might need one.
6.8.1  For Mentors       Mentoring younger adventurers.
6.9    Fishing           Teach those tasty, scaly bastards a lesson!
6.10   Divine Grace      Gaining and renouncing the grace of the Gods.

6.11   Shops             Shop till you drop!
6.11.1 Selling           How to sell things, since shops don't buy!
6.11.2 Loans and Trades  Getting (and LOSING) things other ways.
6.11.3 Selling Persons   Don't do it!
6.11.4 Shopkeeping       Managing your own shop. Shop Policies   Changing shop policies.

6.12   Reading           Reading things like books, scrolls, and journals.
6.13   Writing           Writing on various things.
6.13.1 Editor            The Midkemian editor system.
6.14   Banking           Depositing and withdrawing funds from banks.
6.15   Comm Shops        NPC-run shops selling raw materials of the land.
6.16   Logs              Organizational logs of recent events.
6.17   Orghelp           Player-written help files for cities and guilds.
6.18   Weather           Midkemia's weather system.
6.19   Drinking          Hoist your flagon and throw back a draught of ale.
6.20   Resource Nodes    Finding commodities throughout the lands.
6.21   Kingdom Currency  The basics of Kingdom Currency.
6.22   Permissions       Our permissions system for houses and the like.
6.23   Black Market      A handy system for regaining stolen items.
6.24   Libraries         Sometimes a book is worth more than its weight in gold.
6.25   Sextant           A run-down of our Sextant collectable trading card game.