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8.3 Specializations

Specializations are the choice a class has for their third (called tertiary) skill, chosen at level 20. Whereas the first two skills are determined solely by Class, the third represents a choice in how the player wishes to specialize.

Some specializations are open to everyone of that class, and others are restricted in some way -- though you must be at least Level 20 to learn a Specialization.

The exception to this are Priests, whose specialization is always determined by their Divine Order. To learn a different specialization, a Priest must join a different Divine Order. See HELP GODS to learn more about the Gods and their Divine Orders.

Public Specializations
Class      Specialization
-----      --------------
Magician:  Psion         (Psionics skill)
           - Taught by Mistress Elliandre in Stardock
           Warlock       (Demonology skill)
           - Taught by the goblin summoner in the Imp Caves

Priest:    Crusader      (Crusading skill: Priests of Tith-Onanka)
           - Taught by Nikalo in the Hadati Highlands
           - Taught by Tovaii in the Temple of Conquest
           Hematurgist   (Bloodlore skill: Priests of Guis-wan)
           - Taught by Kafir ibn Masood in Port Natal
           Pyromaniac    (Pyromania skill: Priests of Prandur)
           - Taught by Boldizar in Tyr-Sog
           - Taught by Pyras in Semal Reach
           Shadoweaver   (Shadoweaving skill: Priests of Banath)
           - Taught by the Shade of Kelly in the Black Cathedral
           - Taught by ???? in [information redacted]
           Thanatologist (Thanatology skill: Priests of Lims-Kragma)
           - Taught by Alakarn in Sar Sargoth
           - Taught by Cailin in Yabon City
           Missionary (Conviction skill: Non-denominational skill)
           - Taught by Zeger in Port Natal

Rogue:     Bard          (Performance skill)
           - Taught by Robert in Questor's View
           Thief         (Thievery skillset)
           - Taught by ??? near the Far Coast

Soldier:   Berserker     (Brutality skill)
           - Taught by Baru Serpentslayer in the Hadati Highlands
           Swordmaster   (Swordmastery skill)
           - Taught by the Queen's Guard in Elvandar
           Warmonger   (Warmongering skill)
           - Taught by the Clan Dragon in Sar-Sargoth

Learning a Specialization
To learn a specialization, travel to the specialization trainer, and:


Quitting a Specialization
You can forget a specialization in two ways: quitting the class, or quitting the specialization. To quit the specialization, but not your class, do QUIT SPECIALIZATION, and you must agree to the change. Be warned, this is permanent.