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8.6 Soldier

A soldier is a trained master of weaponry and the art of battle. They are those few mortals who do not cower from the sight of blood and have trained diligently with weapon and tactics to increase the effectiveness of their party and the players they are with. Soldiers are the only class that can wear any type of armor and wield almost every common weapon.

Soldiers begin with the skills of Arms and Warcraft.

The skill of Arms gives a soldier the functional skills to wield various weapons and execute a range of attacks. The Arms skill gives a soldier basic attacks with a sword and shield, or brandish the powerful two handed mauls. Truly skilled soldiers can overcome their enemies with brute force or convert their rage into adrenaline for a short time. Masters of the art of Arms can hide their attacks so they appear to be something they are not.

The skill of Warcraft teaches a warrior how to pick and choose their battles and use the terrain and their tactics to greater advantage. Skilled warriors who have mastered Warcraft are natural born leaders and provide benefits for any unit under their command by providing bonuses and benefits to all who follow. Initiates in the art of battle tactics can block enemy blows and change their stance to provide additional benefits to their combat maneuvers. A master of the art of Warcraft can stand when others would fall and lash out in desperation to great effect, when others around them believe all hope is lost.