SKILLS OF MIDKEMIA - Midkemia Online Online Help


9.1      Skill Basics    How to Understand Skills
9.1.1    Skill Ranks     Rate your proficiency in a skill.
9.1.2    Skill Balance   How does Midkemia Online balance skills?
9.1.3    Masteries       Using Skill Mastery points to customize your class.
9.1.4    Classleads      Classleads are used to help suggest skill changes.

9.2      Arcana          Altering the flow of space and time.
9.3      Thaumaturgy     Command over the elements themselves.
9.4      Righteousness   The warrior-priests command a holy weapon.
9.5      Faith           Calling upon the powers of the Gods.
9.6      Fencing         The deadly art of the blade.
9.7      Subtlety        For those who walk unseen in the shadows.
9.8      Arms            The mastery of various weapons.
9.9      Warcraft        Studying tactics and strategy.
9.10     Smithing        Forging weapons and armor.
9.11     Tailoring       Sewing clothing and accessories.
9.12     Riding          Riding steeds swiftly across Midkemia.
9.13     Performance     Play songs to entertain, inspire, and terrify.
9.14     Demonology      Summon demonic minions from the Fifth Circle.
9.15     Brutality       The brutal methods of the Berserker.
9.16     Thanatology     The rituals of the Priests of Death.
9.17     Pyromania       The rituals of the Priests of Fire.
9.18     Alchemy         Harvesting herbs to brew deadly poisons.
9.19     Tattoos         Learning to ink tattoos on your body.
9.20     Fighting        Learning to enhance your combat prowess.
9.21     Vigilance       Study your surroundings to gain the upper hand.
9.21.1   Vaults          Storage for commodities and other goods.
9.21.2   Stacking        Commodities out of sorts? Stack 'em!
9.22     Shadoweaving    The rituals of the Priests of Shadow.
9.23     Thievery        For those who walk the dodgy path.
9.24     Bloodlore       The rituals of the Priests of the Hunt.
9.25     Psionics        Psychic manipulation of the mind.
9.26     Swordmastery    The Eledhel art of the blade.
9.27     Crusading       The rituals of the Priests of War.
9.28     Artistry        Painting, sculpting, bookbinding and more.
9.29     Gathering       The basic survival skill of gathering resources.
9.29.1   Smelting        The ability to take lumpy ores and make bars of wonder.
9.30     Conviction      May the blessings of all Divine guide you.
9.31     Warmongering    The vicious polearm techniques of the Moredhel.