Skill Masteries - Midkemia Online Online Help

9.1.3 Skill Masteries

As you advance your proficiency in your two primary class skills, you will unlock Skill Mastery points. These points can be allocated from among three options, each of which upgrade the same ability in a unique way. This allows you to customize your class, ensuring that no two Magicians or Rogues are ever the same - regardless of which specialization you select.

Unlocking Skill Mastery Points
Up to 5 Skill Mastery points are unlocked as you learn more in your two primary class skillsets (e.g., Righteousness and Faith for Priests). They are unlocked by adding together the total number of lessons you have invested into the two skillsets, so it doesn't matter in which order you learn.

Because of this, it is difficult to provide a simple chart showing where you'll earn your Skill Mastery points, but the fifth and final point is earned when both skills are Transcendent. You will be notified as you finish lessons if you have unlocked a new Mastery point.

Selecting Masteries
MASTERIES is the command to see a list of available Masteries you can choose from. Here is an example output, from the Magician Tier I Masteries:

Skill Mastery Tier 1:
1. Ionic Conduction
   Your Stormlance strikes have a 20% chance to afflict with Ionized, which increases electrical damage.
2. Telluric Currents
   If your Stormlance strikes a burning target, it minorly increases their burn levels.
3. Thundering Blast
   If your Stormlance strikes a chilled target, it has a 10% chance to stun that person.

Then to select a Mastery, you do MASTERY SELECT <choice>, such as MASTERY SELECT TELLURIC CURRENTS.

Resetting Your Masteries
If you wish to unlearn a Mastery, you can MASTERY RESET <Tier #>, such as MASTERY RESET 1, or you can just MASTERY RESET ALL if you wish to reset all of your Masteries.

There is a cost of 5 lessons per Mastery that you reset. If you reset all of your Masteries, only those Masteries which have been selected will count towards the total lesson cost.