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11.8.10 Silban, the Earthmother

Silban is the Earthmother, the Bringer of Harvests, the Sleeper Without Dreams. Her touch upon the earth is subtle, but resilient, and Her patience is long. All living things are part of a grand cycle, and in the end their mortal forms return to the Earth. As one life fades, a new one rises to take its place and so the cycle begins anew.

The priesthood of Silban is made up of a variety of members. Those who seek to give freely to the Earth and its inhabitants in order to see it prosper and fulfill the natural cycle are the most prominent of these. Yet, there are those who believe only they can see the Earth's true purpose and seek to manipulate people and events to fit within their vision for the future. 

The abbey of Silban can be found in the Green Heart forest, where Abbot Ellios can speak to those who seek to know more about the Earthmother. Her shrines found within gardens, farmlands and forests surrounded by the natural landscape of the Earth.