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The Sedia Tunnels are a network of caverns and ancient mines in the Stone Mountain region, close to the Skylake. It can be accessed from the mountains in the Western Teeth of the World through a narrow pass into Stone Mountain. The tunnels were once populated by a tribe of Goblins before they were driven out by a force of dwarves from Stone Mountain. After setting up a mining settlement, the dwarves prospered for generations before a large earthquake buried the settlement and the mines were abandoned.

Another natural disaster has opened the mines once again and a group of Dwarves and Goblins both have moved back to the mines and the wealth within it. Friction has grown between the two groups as they vie for the mineral wealth of the mines. The dwarves have bought in witnesses to rally support for their cause, allies from Yabon and even an Eledhel elf from Elvandar. The Goblins have likewise sought help from their allies, the Trolls and a Moredhel Spellweaver, who has found a source of Dark Path magic within the mines.

Currently both groups have dug in and the situation is at a stalemate as they protect themselves from each other and the local wildlife.