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4.1 Score

The first way to get information about your character is to type SCORE or SC.
This will give you a number of lines of information about the status of your
character. Below is an example of the result of this command when performed by
an adventurer named John.

John Doe (male Kingdom Human)
You are level 61 (Impregnable) and 77.07% of the way to the next level.
  Health:      4471/4471  Endurance: 272/272
  Faith:       556/556
You stand tall as a proud Peasant of Krondor.
You are a Scout in the Pathfinders, and 62% of the way to the next rank.
You are a Priest.
You are an Apprentice in the Crafter's Guild.
You are a member of the society called 'The Doe Family'
You are a Visionary of Distance in the Fellowship of Explorers.
You are 19 years old, having been born on the 1st of Wochem, 15 years before the Darkness at Sethanon.
You carry 5 gold sovereigns, 14 silver, and 81 copper in Kingdom currency.

What it's telling you:

Line 1: Your Name, appended title, gender, and race
Line 2: Your level, the name of the level, and your percentage of the way to the next level.
Lines 3 and 4: Your basic vitals, such as health, endurance and skill-related powers, such as Faith, Guile, or Magic
Line 5: Your citizenship and rank in that city, if you are part of one.
Line 6: Your guild, guildrank, and percentage of the way to the next guildrank.
Line 7: Your class.
Line 8: If you are a member of the Crafter's Guild, your rank in it.
Line 9 and possibly more: Societies you are a member of.
Line 10: Your rank in the Fellowship of Explorers.
Line 11: Your age, and the date of your birth.
Line 12: Any gold, silver, and copper you are currently carrying outside of containers.