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11.8.9 Ruthia, Lady of Luck

Known by three aspects, Ruthia is the Lady of Luck, the Dancer Through Men's Hearts, and the Goddess of Lovers Scorned. Wherever a dice is rolled, a chance is taken and a vagabond seeks to make his luck, Ruthia's smiles and touch are sought. She represents yearning and hope, risk and abandon. Both a saviour and an ever-malignant presence of the downtrodden, Ruthia is said in Her tender moments to protect fools, drunks and minstrels - yet nowhere is Her name spoken more fervently than upon the lips of gambling den patrons, both in prayer and in curse.
Commonly it is said of Her that 'Fortune Favors the Brave', Her attentions most drawn to those who in life and at the gambling table alike always bet all-in. Her smile is fickle, however, and those who pray to Her play with a double-edged sword. Least of all She cares for those who play to win, and Her followers are those who play instead to live the game, with all the highs and lows it brings.
All who are scorned by life, luck and love are ever welcomed into Her embrace, often finding solace and renewal in the revelry of chance. For all the anguish that victims of luck suffer, the Goddess' presence is merry and full of mirth, to some a thing of mockery and to others a delighted acceptance of the odds, be what they may.
Ruthia is a chaotic Goddess. Her shrines are most often found in gambling dens, brothels, taverns and upon roads, especially at intersections and by waystones. In some parts of Midkemia She is also called Illiandros.