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17.4.3 Roulette

Roulette is a new addition to the various ways to gamble in Triagia, recently discovered by enterprising goblins who really enjoyed spinny things.

There are two ways to play roulette. You can buy a roulette table for 'private use' in your estates and parties or play at the goblin's den in Inclindel Gap.

For 'private use'
Simply TURN WHEEL or TURN ROULETTE and the wheel will act much as a normal roulette wheel would, randomly allowing the ball to stop on a number that can be bet on amoungst friends.

For 'public use'
When at the goblin's den near the Inclindel Gap, the goblins will assist you in keeping track of your bets.

To join a roulette game, you simply PUT <amount coins> IN ROULETTE and you
will be added to the players at the table. Up to five players can play at a 
single table. Once joined, any subsequent coins you put in the roulette will 
increase your betting pool. The coins are converted to points, 1 copper = 1 

You may bet points anywhere between 1 and your maximum pot. Once you've decided 
how much to bet, you must decide what to bet on. Your choices, and what each 
pays, are as follows:

Red/even                                  : 1-1
Black/odd                                 : 1-1

t1 (stands for third 1. Means 1-12)       : 2-1
t2 (stands for third 2. Means 13-24)      : 2-1
t3 (stands for third 3. Means 25-36)      : 2-1

q1 (stands for quarter 1. Means 1-9)      : 3-1
q2 (stands for quarter 2. Means 10-18)    : 3-1
q3 (stands for quarter 3. Means 19-27)    : 3-1
q4 (stands for quarter 4. Means 28-36)    : 3-1

Green (0)                                 : 17-1
Individual number, 0-36,                  : 35-1

You may not bet on 00. If the ball lands on 00 everyone loses the round. Simple!

To bet simply SAY BET <amount> on <choice>

You may bet once per round. You, or anyone really, can TURN ROULETTE to spin the
wheel and initiate the round. It is not mandatory that everyone in the game bets
on every round.

To leave a game you can simply ASK ROULETTE LEAVE GAME or leave the room.

Enjoy and may Ruthia smile upon you!