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15.6 Roleplaying and OOC


To roleplay means to play a role. In the context of Midkemia, roleplaying means that you play as if you were your character. Midkemia is a roleplaying game: some level of roleplaying is required.

Out-of-character (OOC) is the opposite: it is those times when you are speaking and acting as you, the player behind the screen, rather than as you, the adventurer/character.

RP Required: Where?
Roleplaying is required on/in all public venues:
- shouts
- yells
- news groups
- organization channels
- city channels
- guild channels
- order channels
- market channel
- some societies

Some few societies may be OOC. This will be explicitly indicated somewhere in the society helps. Says and tells may be OOC if both parties agree, but this kind of understanding is always informal and we will _never_ enforce it -- so if you aren't good friends with that person, it's always better to err on the side of assuming all communication is in-character (including in OOC societies).

All channels are subject to HELP LANGUAGERULES, except society channels.

Staying IN CHARACTER, and Other Restrictions
Always stay in character (IC) on channels - you are playing the role of a person in a magical world called Midkemia. Talk about real life, other games, or your favorite singer - this should all be done outside the game or, if you must, use TELLS.

Be most careful with shouts and public posts - stay in character, watch language rules. Market channel is only for buying and selling: no chatting please. Newbie channel is for questions and answers about how to play the game: no chatting please.  Most other channels have their own rules, but are generally more tolerant of chatting and general conversation.

Consider also what knowledge your individual character has of Midkemia. Since Midkemia is set after A Darkness At Sethanon, you as a player may have read his other books set in the future of Midkemia and have some knowledge of events that have yet to occur (if they occur at all!). While there may be some temptation to use this knowledge in-character (most commonly to appear to be a wise sage or prophet), this is not advisable as it is stale and uninteresting to your fellow adventurers if you claim to have knowledge you can't possibly have learned, and will almost certainly only lead to your own embarrassment. Much more interesting to play as though you have no knowledge of these future events, mythos, etc. and enjoy the world of Midkemia as it exists today!

Roleplaying means staying IC - in character. If you don't stay in character,
then that's OOC - out of character.

Approaching Roleplaying
Perhaps the best way to roleplay your character is to first create a coherent "life philosophy" for your character, and then follow that with your actions in Midkemia. You might even want to write out a summary of your character's psychological makeup in order to make this process easier.

For example, imagine a character named Moridhim, who is a young male human Magician. Moridhim was raised a street urchin in Krondor and was bitterly unhappy until he began studying the ways of magic, and began to experience moments of inner peace. His primary motivation, currently, is to increase his knowledge and power, but his long-term goals are not those of domination over his fellow mortals. Instead, he seeks to rise to political power in order to help the beleaguered and down-trodden - particularly Magicians, who face a variety of social stigma in Midkemia. He chooses not to worship any particular God, and his primary loyalty is to his race. He despises, perhaps irrationally, all Moredhel elves, who he believes have corrupted the pure study of magic by their lust for power on the Dark Path, and whose sorceries are partially responsible for the shunning of magic by ordinary people. Finally, Moridhim has recently discovered poetry and is given, somewhat pompously, to quoting his favorite poets at what others might consider to be inappropriate times, such as the heat of battle.

With just this brief biography of Moridhim, we have an interesting character with well-defined motivations and some indication of his psychological status. You would not find Moridhim out slaughtering his fellow humans in Midkemia, nor would you find him killing most sentients for no reason. He would be extremely interested in practicing his skills in order to master them, and would perhaps, as a hobby, hold poetry readings or patron other aspiring poets if he rises to political power. While Moridhim is open-minded enough to accept reformed Moredhel in the same organization as him, he definitely would not socialize with them, and would likely be quite terse, though not overly rude, with any Moredhel he was forced to deal with.

Rewarding Excellent Roleplay
You may recognize and reward excellent roleplaying in other players you come across in your travels by expressing your esteem for them. See HELP CREDIBILITY to learn more about esteem and credibility.