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8.7 Rogue

Rogues are the nefarious street-smart adventurers of the Midkemian world, having been taught the tricks and tactics of the subtle rogue. Bards, thieves, minstrels, spies and thief-catchers all make good rogues. A rogue has the ability to gather private information, sneak about the world unseen and enter places they are not welcome, while still having the finesse with a sword to keep themselves out of trouble.

Rogues start their life in Midkemia with the class skills of Subtlety and Fencing.

Subtlety is a skillset that provides a rogue with all the skills and abilities required to live the nefarious life. Subtlety has great utility and allows a rogue to be an integral part of almost any party or group while also allowing a rogue to go their own way. The basics of subtlety teach a rogue how to hide from sight, sneak from room to room, listen in on conversations, create a variety of bombs and open locked doors. At higher levels, Master Rogues can take their enemies hostage, sneak past guards and backstab from the shadows.

Fencing is the main combat ability available to Rogues. Following in the footsteps of Jimmy the Hand or Duke Laurie, fencing allows a Rogue to take the fight to their enemy with rapier, poniard and longsword. When first learning to fence a Rogue will learn the basics of thrusting, cutting, parrying and blocking their enemies, while at higher levels they learn more advanced techniques to hinder and hamper their foes.