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6.20 Resource Nodes

Resource Nodes
Resource nodes are only available for specific commodities: iron, copper, zinc, tin, coal, gold, silver, platinum, marble, wood, and a variety of gems. In environments appropriate to each resource type, you are sometimes able to discern a resource node with the appropriate skills in Vigilance (Appraise and Evaluate).

Resource nodes can only appear periodically in a location, so if a room doesn't have any resource, check back again later on and you may unearth something valuable. You can CONFIG COLOR PLANTS to customize the color of these resource
nodes. Inactive by default, you can view them by entering PLANTS ON/OFF. 

You can MINE or CHOP the resource node, depending upon the resource. Each requires an appropriate tool. Mining and Chopping advance your skill in Gathering, giving a friendly way to gain experience and other rewards!