Renting Artifacts - Midkemia Online Online Help

19.9.9 Renting Artifacts

Artifacts may be rented - at no cost in credits - from Althafain of Carse, the world's most renowned enchanter. All that is required is a bit of coin to cover Althafain's costs, and a nexus core.

Nexus cores can be found from defeating some of the most powerful denizens in Midkemia, though they are quite rare. They may also occasionally be found when unearthing resource nodes.

Rented artifacts last for 40 Midkemian days (5 real-life days) when rented with credits, and 8 Midkemian days (1 real-life day) when rented with gold, but otherwise function exactly as a normal artifact would.

Certain artifacts may not be rented. The artifacts which may not be rented include those that would confer a bonus on the player after the artifact had decayed or which are one-time use artifacts, such as: stat resets, language resets, gems of transmutation, etc. Althafain will let you know if an artifact you wish to rent may not be conjured.

Syntax: ARTIFACT RENT <ID# or short name>
        ARTIFACT RENT <ID# or short name> CREDIT
        ARTIFACT RENT <ID# or short name> COST

Specifying the "cost" option will result in Althafain informing you of the gold and credit cost to rent the artifact you name, even if you do not have a nexus core on your person.