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5.10 Recovery

There is one basic way to recover health, endurance, adrenaline and magic.

HEALTH: Health will regenerate over time but the process is hastened by sleep. By typing SLEEP, you can put yourself to sleep. While asleep, you will be unable to perform most actions, but will slowly recover health and endurance. WAKE will wake you back up again. One major drawback to being asleep is that some abilities will do more damage to you.

ENDURANCE: Endurance regenerates naturally over time, but at an increased rate if you are sleeping.

ADRENALINE: Adrenaline is built up by attacking during battle, and you lose it by being attacked. Fighting defensively is almost certainly a losing battle. Adrenaline will return to its natural state (50%) over time.

MAGIC: Magic will regenerate naturally over time, but more quickly outside of combat.

Other Things
There are class abilities that might hasten the recovery of your various attributes, be sure to explore the possibilities!