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14.4 Rats, Weevils and Ratting

Ratting is the activity of hunting and slaying the rats that infest the major
urban cities and sewer systems of Midkemia. In every one of these cities (all
cities listed in HELP CITIES), there exists a denizen who has been
commissioned by the city to pay those who help rid the city of its vermin.
Simply slay the rats you find, then SELL their corpses to this rat buyer.

Elvandar, being a forest, lacks the rat infestation of most cities. However,
tree weevils harm the trees of the forest, and so they will also buy these
infesting vermin.

Vermin buyers
Elvandar     Zaklin     Western part of the city
Krondor      Ursula     Western part of the city, near the docks.
Sar-Sargoth  Ratcatcher Western part of the city, near the slave pits.

You can reach nearly all of these directly via an exit from the portals, if you
are a newbie and can use the portals.

  Enter this command to see rats & weevils. Enter again to stop seeing them.

  Sells all your rats & weevils to the rat person in order to get your reward.
  You must be in the same room as the rat person.

Because there are so many rats wandering about the cities and because seeing
them enter and exit can become annoying, the command VERMIN will toggle on and
off your ability to notice rats & weevils. Generally, you will want to turn
this off while you are not out ratting.

When you see a rat dart out of its hiding spot, by all means, slay it before it
can run away. Once a certain number of rats have been slain in a location, no
more rats will appear there until a new Midkemian day. Generally, you'll find
that a sewer location contains more rats than a normal city street.

I Can't Find Any Rats
As noted above, rats only appear in cities and sewers. Beyond that, only a few
rats may be killed in any particular place before they get wise and won't
return until the next Midkemian day. (The sewers are more populous, but can be
much more dangerous).

Rat Stats
There are five types of city rats. Ranging from most common to least
common (which also corresponds to least valuable to most valuable, as
well as weakest to strongest), they are:

Rat Type      What The Rat Buyer Will Pay
---------     ---------------------------
baby rat          7 Kingdom copper
young rat        14 Kingdom copper
rat              21 Kingdom copper
old rat          28 Kingdom copper
black rat        35 Kingdom copper

Weevil Type   What The Rat Buyer Will Pay
-----------   ---------------------------
large weevil      7 Kingdom copper
lumbering weevil 14 Kingdom copper
giant weevil     21 Kingdom copper
fat weevil       28 Kingdom copper
hulking weevil   35 Kingdom copper

A Word of Warning

Be careful! When you are of a very low level, it is recommended that you
stick to baby rats and young rats. Bigger rats have the potential to do
lethal damage to you. Remember, when you are in a room with multiple rats,
you can type INFO HERE (or simply IH) to see the specific #s of the rats in
the room and target the specific rat you want for attack.

For example, you might see:
rat70550            a black rat
rat148947           a baby rat

In this case, you would want to be sure to attack rat148947. If you simply
type KICK RAT, you would attack the first rat in the list, the black rat.

Rat Exceptions
Rat pets are not affected by the above, though you are free to try 
killing them anyhow.