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5.11 Rankings

There are many rankings that are tracked in Midkemia, identifying players who have worked hard to gain prestige or fame. For many adventurers gaining their ranking is a fundamental part of why they play Midkemia. Some of the common rankings include Explorer Rank and Player Rank.

Explorer Rank increases as you explorer the various rooms and locations of Midkemia. Once you discover a new room or location, it is added to your explorer level and once enough rooms are discovered your explorer rank will increase. The highest possible rank as an explorer comes when you have discovered 95% of the known world, as there are some areas your player might not be allowed to enter. These may include other guilds halls or the inner sanctum of different divinities.

Player Ranking is a numerical value based on your player level. The highest level player, in terms of circles of experience and percentage, is the #1 Ranked player in Midkemia. To raise your own Player rank, simple gain experience by questing, killing monsters or exploring.

Finally there are also Warlord ranks. To learn more about warlords please see HELP WARLORDS.


RANKINGS XP <start>          - Experience rankings.
RANKINGS EXPLORERS <start>   - Explorer rankings.