Races of Midkemia - Midkemia Online Online Help

4.12 Races of Midkemia

The playable races of Midkemia are:

  Race      Species
  ----      -------
  Dwarf.....Grey Towers
       .....Stone Mountain
  Elf.......Eledhel         The Light Ones   (See HELP ELEDHEL)
     .......Moredhel        The Dark Ones    (See HELP MOREDHEL)
  Human.....Kingdom         Natives of the Kingdom of the Isles
       .....Tsurani         Tsurani refugees from the Riftwar
  Goblin....Green Heart     Those who stalk the Green Heart forests
        ....Northlands      Eking our their place in the bitter north.
  Troll.....Teeth of the World   The intelligent mountain trolls.

See HELP <race> (such as HELP DWARF) to learn more about a given race, and its bonuses and maluses.

The choice of species is almost entirely cosmetic, and has no effect on gameplay. The notable exception to this rule is the Elf race (called Edhel in their own languages) - the Moredhel and Eledhel are considered quite distinct from one another. See HELP EDHEL for more information about the warring tribes of the Edhel.