QUESTS IN MIDKEMIA - Midkemia Online Online Help



   Syntax                             What It Does
   --------------------------------   ---------------------------
   QUESTS                             Show your current quests
   QUESTS COMPLETED                   Show your completed quests
   QUESTS <quest>                     View the details of a quest
   QUESTS <quest> RANKINGS [start]    View the quest rankings for a quest
   ABANDON QUEST <quest>              Abandon a quest from your quest log

Permanent, Event, and Newbie Quests
In Midkemia we have many types of quests in two basic categories and one 
subcategory: Permanent quests, event quests, and newbie quests. Permanent quests 
are essentially part of the world, always present, and usually involving 
denizens (aka mobs or npcs).

Permanent Quests
Permanent quests may be simple (locating and delivering an item) or quite 
complex (with many steps, puzzles, etc, that might take days or weeks to 
complete). Permanent quests are quite numerous and may be found all over 
Midkemia. Simply GREET the denizens you meet and you will hear clues that lead 
to permanent quests.

Many denizens have multiple things to say, so multiple greetings may be useful. 
Other clues might be found in journals or books or other writings that you can 
READ. Read everything carefully - the appearance of each room you enter, the 
descriptions of the denizens you meet, the written texts in books or journals 
you may happen across in your adventures.

If part of a quest involves giving an item to an denizen, you have but to give
the item to it, and the denizen will then respond in a manner it deems 
appropriate. Occasionally, of course, this may not be quite the manner you hoped 
for, but this might simply be the result of the denizen being a bit grouchy 

Almost all permanent quests will create an entry in your quest log when they are 
accepted, to make it easy for you to track which quests you have outstanding. It 
is usually possible to complete a quest more than once, in which case you can 
see how many times you and other players have completed it in the quest 

Newbie Quests
Newbie quests are a special case of permanent quest. They are a special case 
because we reveal tips and hints about them freely. Think of this as a few free, 
introductory examples of how quests work. See HELP NEWBIE QUESTS for more 

Event Quests
The final type of quest is an event quest. Event quests are organized by an 
immortal of Midkemia, and could be anything from a quiz with prizes to a 
Tournament of one-on-one combat to the rising of a crime ring in the realms. 
Duration of event quests might be in minutes, hours, or even months as the 
various stages of the event unfold.

Event quests will rarely make entries into your quest log, due to their 
temporary (or sometimes spontaneous) nature.

Limitations on quests
Quests are for individuals or groups to challenge and to attempt to overcome. 
The answers are not for sharing, buying, or selling. If you do this, you may 
lose rolepoints, market privileges, your voice, or even your life. The exception 
to this is newbie quests. Newbie quest information is already given out in HELP 
NEWBIE QUESTS and is not restricted as with other types of quest.