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9.17 Pyromania

Pyromania is a specialization available only to Priests of Prandur, the God of Fire. At their most benevolent, the adherents of the Bringer of Light can conjure light to dispel any darkness and reveal that which lies hidden, or ignite kindling with a snap of their fingers to grant warmth and comfort to those in need.

Yet, the Priests of the God of Fire are more renowned (and, it must be said, feared) for their fiery, chaotic and hot-headed natures than for any healing powers, and their powers are almost exclusively and devastatingly destructive. The Burner of Cities' clerics can summon searing infernos that rage across wide swaths of wilderness and land, consuming everything in their path, or disperse them with a thought. More than simply lighting things on fire, the Priest can call forth wild and uncontrollable firestorms, blistering heatwaves, seething wildfires, molten fire to rain from the sky, thick clouds of choking black ash, and even volcanic eruptions that decimate his or her enemies from great distances.

Pyromania is taught by Boldizar, the Priest of Prandur in Tyr-Sog.