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4.11 Prompt

The prompt is what is displayed after each block of text from Midkemia. It
represents a brief glance at the current status of your character. The
prompt is highly configurable to match your needs and desires.

With CONFIG PROMPT you can alter the appearance of your prompt.

One important aspect of the prompt is its verbosity (or wordiness). By
default, the prompt is set to be the most verbose possible for new players.
However, if you want a shorter prompt, simply CONFIG PROMPT REMOVE VERBOSE.

A verbose prompt:
12800 health, 9300 endurance, 0 faith, 100 magic, 0 guile, 100 spirit xb-

A non-verbose prompt:
12800h, 9300e, 0f, 100m, 0g, 100s xb- A:100%

What does it mean?
The "x" stands for your defensive equilibrium.
The "b" stands for your core balance.
The "p" means you are prone (sitting).
The "d" means you are deaf.
The "r" means you are mounted.
The "@" means you are using Spellshield*.
The "*" stands for storfury charges* or cadence**.

* Magician class only
** Bard specialization only

For a more detailed description of your character status, check your