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8.5 Priest

Priests are the devout followers of a God or Goddess in Midkemia and their skills revolve around calling on their divine patron to smite, heal or help allies and enemies. A priest may devote themselves to a particular Sect of a God at a shrine to that divinity, gaining automatic entry to their divine order and further powers as they rise through the ranks of followers.

Priests wield the powers of Faith and Righteousness as class skills when they set forth on their journey into Midkemia. Unlike other Classes, the Priest does not get a tertiary Kit skill from their clan or guild, but rather the God they follow.

Faith are skills driven by their devotion and faith level to a particular divinity and are more traditional clerical spells and powers. With Faith, a priest may heal a fellow player or themselves, provide beneficial mantles and blessings and at high levels, resurrect the dead.

Righteousness gives the priest the divine powers to smite and hinder their enemies with holy powers. Predominantly an offensive skillset, Righteousness is the only skillset available as a class skill that may inflict holy damage on an enemy and many of the abilities require the priest to be wielding a blunt warhammer. From casting a divine lance with vengeful might, calling for the temporary aide from an angel from the higher planes, a truly powerful practitioner of Righteousness can even judge the unworthy, killing them instantly.