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11.8.8 Prandur

Wherever there is a burning blaze out of control, a campfire, a war, when the sun rises and when a candle is lit, there is Prandur. A god of almost pure Chaos, Prandur personifies both the nature of flame and the life giving light it produces. Often a misunderstood deity as is the case with most of the gods of chaos, Prandur is worshipped in almost as many ways and places as mortals can conceive.

As a bringer of flame, Prandur gives life with the heat and light it generates. Wherever a forest fire burns, new life springs up in its wake. Consequently, many see Prandur as a god of rebirth and second chances. Others see the ravages of war and the death and destruction that come from the destruction of cities and see Prandur as malevolence the world could do without. Prandur personifies both of these and also neither of them.

He is an elemental god of raw power and the spells his Priests wield are similar in fashion. Limited in their healing ability, they are excellent at cleansing the unwelcome, with holy fire or burning light. Most generals have a few priests of Prandur nearby before going into battle, as do constabulary of major cities when they look to fight arson. His priests can also be found wandering the land helping victims of Prandur's wrath, burn victims and those who have lost their homes to fire. Even the most basic and primitive primates worship Prandur when they stop to marvel at a forest fire that has been started by lightning.

Often pictured as a blonde man in red or white robes or as an elemental fire, Prandur is almost as cold and calculating as his sister Lims-Kragma. In some parts of Midkemia he is known as Jehan-suz, and is a God of power to be wary of.

Prandur is known as: the Burner of Cities, the Light Bringer, God of Fire, and the Spreader of Confusion.