Pokiir - Midkemia Online Online Help

17.4.1 Pokiir

A popular card game that originated in the Empire of Kesh and spread outwards through the Kingdom, soon becoming the gambler's choice in all dens and taverns across Triagia. A traditional game of pokiir is played with a hand of five cards, their value known only to yourself, arranged to form the highest scoring combination. Betting occurs in a clock-wise fashion from the dealer until all are satisfied, either having folded their cards, called the bet or raised it, before the reveal occurs. At any stage the player may choose to fold their cards, forgoing the chance to win, but preventing their opponents from seeing their hand.

The game is played with a deck of 52 cards, four colored suits of thirteen cards, marked with either numbers or pictures holding a specific value. Of the picture cards, an Ace is considered uniquely important, for it is both the highest and lowest ranked card, the word itself Bas-Tyran for "unit". After the tenth number card, the Captain follows, then the Lady, and finally the Lord. The suits are: blue cups, green wands, white swords and yellow diamonds.

To play a game of pokiir you must first be in a room with accepted gambling, such as one of the few Gambling Consortium establishments located around Triagia. Once present, you may use the following commands (easily referenced by using the POKIIR command with no arguments), along with the others listed in HELP GAMBLING that are common to all forms of betting.

POKIIR PLAY [AT <number>|PRIVATE]    Choosing a number allows you to
                                     play at a public table, while no
                                     parameters or private creates a
                                     public or private game. (Note:
                                     Surchages apply for private games)

POKIIR GAMES                         Shows all games present in the
                                     current location. Public, Private,
                                     Active or otherwise.

POKIIR VIEW [POT|HAND|TURNS|..|ALL]  The view command is one of the
                                     most versatile, allowing you to see
                                     one factor or all of the information
                                     important to an active game of

POKIIR STAKE ADD|REMOVE <coins>      A stake on the table is the only way
                                     to bet during a hand, so in-between
                                     hands it's important to keep your
                                     stake full. The limit is set by the
                                     game's ante and overflow will
                                     appear in your inventory.

POKIIR [ALL-IN|ANTE|CALL|RAISE for <coins>]  These are various ways of
                                     betting from your stake during a game
                                     of pokiir, all explained in more
                                     detail in HELP POKIIR RULES.

POKIIR DISCARD <NONE|1-5> [1-5] [..] If the pokiir game is using discard
                                     rules, you may discard any number of
                                     your cards during your turn on the
                                     discard phase, drawing new cards from
                                     the pokiir deck to replace them.

POKIIR FOLD                          Folding during a hand will cause
                                     you to put down your cards without
                                     revealing their nature, allowing you
                                     to leave the hand without leaving the

POKIIR QUIT                          Quitting, however, will automatically
                                     fold your hand and cause you to leave
                                     the game. Leftover stake is returned
                                     after quitting.

POKIIR DEAL [IN <1-120 SECONDS]      Deal the next hand of the game,
                                     allowing for a slight delay if you
                                     desire. Only the head of the game may
                                     call for the next hand to be dealt.