Player Killing - Midkemia Online Online Help

15.4 Player Killing

(PK is also known as player-vs-player, or PvP. We use PK throughout this
scroll, but the terms are interchangeable.)

A Quick Summary of Player Killing (PK)
Player Killing in Midkemia is generally accepted, or "open," as long as it
meets these 3 basic criteria (but it is highly recommended that you read the
entire scroll if you plan to PK often):

a) PK must always be part of a rational, roleplay-based conflict.

b) Random or repeated PK is strongly discouraged.

c) Newbies must be given special consideration and lenience.

Foundations of the Player Killing Policy
Conflict between players is the most intense, challenging, and rewarding form of conflict in Midkemia. No mindless denizen can match the ingenuity, daring and
resourcefulness of another adventurer/player, and few tales can equal the
compelling, rich and lasting fabric of drama that is woven by the complex
motivations and powerful emotion-driven desires of players coming into
conflict with one another. In the medieval (and often lawless) world of
Midkemia, these can lead to the clash of powerful armies and eldritch
magics -- to deadly result.

The danger, excitement, and drama of PK contribute greatly to the compelling
atmosphere of Midkemia. Nothing evokes the sort of emotional, visceral
response that killing, or being killed by, another adventurer does, and
therefore it is valued in Midkemia for weaving its part in the great
tapestry of our game.

These are the guiding principals behind player killing in our world.

Considerations When Player Killing
We ask that adventurers engaging in combat with other adventurers keep a few
considerations in mind. Indeed, one of the clearest indications of any
adventurer's maturity is their capacity for understanding their role as part
of a larger community (Midkemia Online is a multiplayer game, after all),
and these considerations are designed to illustrate that fact and bear it in
mind at all times:

a) Is your player killing part of an established, roleplay-based conflict?
   (*) PK is at its richest when part of a well-founded conflict based in
       the roleplay, history, and motivations of your adventurer (and those
       of others, too). The understanding all players should have is that
       actions have consequences -- sometimes deadly ones. This is
       especially true for Midkemia, where PK is part of the drama and
       story of the world (rather than as a hollow and sterile stand-alone
       contest). Nothing is more pointless than being PKed for little or no
       reason at all, both for the killer or the person being killed. (The
       absurd motive "because I'm a psycho murderer" is equally meaningless
       -- it's so common that if you want to play a deranged or disturbed
       character, we put the burden on you to do it justice and make it
       fascinating, original, and more in-depth than a random murderer.)

b) Is your PKing unduly (and unwantedly) victimizing other adventurers?
   (*) Even when there is a good reason to kill (or try to kill) another
       adventurer, PK shouldn't be part of a pattern of harassment or
       persecution against an adventurer. Repeatedly killing an adventurer
       who doesn't engage in PK or conflict, particularly if there is no
       strong and logical reason to kill them, is generally considered
       bad behavior and may merit Admin intervention and/or reprisal.
       Similarly, repeatedly seeking out and killing an adventurer who
       infrequently or casually PKs or provokes conflict is also
       discouraged. The key here is *repeated*, unwanted PK.

c) Are you showing extra tolerance and lenience to newbies?
   (*) "True" newbies (as opposed to the alts of established players) are
       unfamiliar with Midkemia: our world, community, conflict, and
       etiquette are unknown to newbies. Newbies are the lifeblood of
       Midkemia. Suffice to say, newbies should be greeted with great
       tolerance of their newbie-ness (we were all there once), and almost
       never is there a good reason to kill a newbie. See HELP ETIQUETTE
       for further explanation.

Woe, I was brutally killed! What Now?
Ouch! We've all been there. It sounds like time for you to start plotting
your revenge. It can involve killing the person who wronged you (preferably
in a daring, outrageous, and nefarious manner), or it can be political,
social, or economic revenge. Your friends, city- or guild-mates, and other
allies are a good resource to which to turn when plotting dastardly plots
and honing your defenses.

If this is still not fruitful, you can turn to the Nighthawks, a secret society of assassins, for succor in seeking revenge against your foe. Be warned, though, that the aid of the Nighthawks is never cheap. See HELP NIGHTHAWKS to learn more about contracting the aid of these assassins. Alternatively, you might seek out the aid of Ka-hooli, the God of Vengeance and Justice, in seeking retribution against your enemies. see HELP TEMPLE OF KA-HOOLI to learn more.