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19.9.6 Pets

It is possible for all players to gain a pet that will stay with them for a time or permanently through various ways in Midkemia Online. Unlike loyal entities, Pets are denizens with no special powers or abilities, except that they will obediently follow and react to their masters in various ways. It is common for a pet to be a realistic denizen that could be tamed and domesticated, such as a kitten, snake, fire-drake or baby eagle. Do not expect to get a Dragon, Wyvern, Demon, Dreadlord or Moredhel Slave as a pet, as these would be totally unrealistic in the Midkemian Universe.

There are many ways for your player to acquire pets in Midkemia Online. Through the celebration of Banapis once a year, questing, temporary divine gift, purchasing a custom-created pet or mount, or through winning one in an auction. The latter two are special kinds of pet as unlike the others which are temporary, these are permanent and can be further enhanced and customized by their owners and most likely will cost credits.

A particularly animal oriented goblin makes her home on the fringes of Skreech in the Green Heart forest. She is rumored to be able to train pets to follow a new owner, if the old one wishes to give them away.

For more information about purchasing a custom pet or mount, see HELP CUSTOM PETS.