Out-Of-Character Miscellaneous - Midkemia Online Online Help

19 Out-Of-Character Miscellaneous

19.1     Timeout              Ensure that you do not stay online by accident.
19.2     Registering          Why we ask you to register.
19.3     Clients              About clients and why you need a good one.
19.3.1   Nexus                Brief notes on Midkemia's Official Client.
19.3.2   zMUD/cMUD tips       A few helpful tips for zMUD or cMUD users.
19.4     Credits              How to purchase credits.
19.4.1   Credit Transfers     Credit transfers & violations of HELP SECONDS.
19.4.2   Credit Market        Easily sell/buy credits for gold sovereigns.
19.4.3   Character Retirement Permanently retire a character.

19.5     Bugs                 How to report bugs, ideas, or typos.
19.6     Website              About Midkemia's web site.
19.6.1   Midkemia's Forums    The web message boards for Midkemia.
19.6.2   Lore Wiki            The web-based Midkemia wiki.
19.7     Lag                  Nobody's friend.
19.8     Suicide              Ending your adventurer's life permanently.

19.9     Artifacts            Special magic items which may be purchased.
19.9.1   Artifacts Tradein    Trading in Artifacts
19.9.2   Artifacts Offensive  A list of Offensive Artifacts.
19.9.3   Artifacts Misc       A list of Miscellaneous Artifacts.
19.9.4   Artifacts Defensive  A list of Defensive Artifacts.
19.9.5   Artifacts Stats      A list of Stat Artifacts.
19.9.6   Pets                 Living Artifacts. Custom Pets          Create custom pets and mounts! Customization Certs  Certificates that pay for custom upgrades or pets.
19.9.7   Item Customization   Customizing your items. Auto Customization   Automatically customizing your items. Reactions            Setting up your own mob reactions.
19.9.8   Artifacts Upgrades   Upgrading your existing artifacts.
19.9.9   Renting Artifacts    Rent temporary artifacts for gold.

19.10    Admins               Administrative characters there to help you.
19.11    Test server          For those rare times we use one.
19.12    Customization        Options for customizing equipment.
19.13    Voting               Voting for Midkemia on TopMudSites.
19.14    Facebook             Midkemia Online is on Facebook!

19.15    Memberships          Iron Elite Memberships.
19.16    GMCP                 General MUD Telnet Protocol.
19.17    Tokens               Ishapian Tokens and the Emporium of Wonders.
19.17.1  Token Shop           The wares sold in the Emporium of Wonders.
19.18    Clovers              Pick 'em while ya got 'em!
19.19    Referrals            Our referral program for new players.
19.19.11 Banner               Bling out your forum signatures a MKO banner.
19.20    Relics               Assembled items that grant unique abilities to their owners.