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6.17 Organizational Help Files

Each organization of Midkemia has at their fingertips special, player made 
additions to the collective knowledge provided through the HELP system. These 
scrolls can be accessed collectively through special organization-specific 
commands and include anything from the laws of a City to the introduction of an 
Order. When you see *HELP below, substitute the proper term depending on the 
organization in question. To wit:

  Cities:       CITYHELP or CHELP
  Societies:    SOCIETYHELP or SHELP
  Guilds/Clans: GUILDHELP or GHELP
  Orders:       ORDERHELP or OHELP

In addition to creating help scrolls, player organizations can create and 
organize help folders to better sort the plethora of information they wish to 
create. Interacting with these folders is fairly intuitive, requiring only that 
you replace the scroll title for the folder you wish to view, and then when 
viewing scrolls inside that folder, include both the folder name and scroll 
title in your command. If a folder is made empty by the deletion of its last 
containing scroll, it too will be removed.

Commands For Any Org Member
*HELP <scroll>                    - Shows you a particular help scroll.
*HELP [INDEX]                     - Shows an index/list of help scrolls.

Commands for Privileged Org Members
*HELP DELETE [<folder>] <scroll>  - Deletes the help scroll with that name.
*HELP EDIT [<folder>] <scroll>    - Creates or changes a help scroll(*).
*HELP PERM <folder>
 - EDIT <rank or position**>      - Who can edit a help scroll and its contents.
 - VISIBLE <rank or position**>   - Who can see a help folder and its contents.
 - LIST                           - See a list of permissions for a help folder.
 - NONE                           - Remove all permissions set for a folder.
GHELP EDIT directions
GHELP directions
GHELP DELETE directions

CHELP EDIT law murder
CHELP PERM law EDIT <permission>
CHELP law murder
CHELP DELETE law murder

(*) Who can edit/delete?
Each organization holds unique rules as to who can alter their help scrolls. 
Commonly, the following people can alter any 'loose' help scroll without a 
containing folder:

  Cities:    Ruling council and most Ministers can edit/delete.
  Societies: Society head and those he or she allows can edit/delete.
  Guilds:    Guildmasters and those with guild authority to edit/delete.
  Orders:    Those granted the power to edit/delete.
Once a help folder has been assigned a permission to be edited, only players 
explicitly granted permission are capable of altering that folder and its 
contents. The same applies for visibility and viewing. It is impossible to 
assign the permissions so as to exclude yourself, but you may include positions 
to which you do not belong.

(**) How do I set permissions?
Quite simple! The following options are available for permissions: 

 - RANK <#>                       - includes players ONLY of this rank
 - RANK <x> TO <y>                - includes players from rank x to rank y
 - POSITION OF <office>           - includes player in a specific city position
 - AIDE OF <office>               - includes aides to a specific city position
 - COUNCIL                        - includes the ruling council of a city
 - LEADER                         - includes the organization's leader
 - NONE                           - clear all perms on a specific folder

In order to make things a little more user-friendly, permissions for help 
scrolls trims down any excess commands and wraps it all up into a single 
sentence. Each portion of the phrase is treated as an OR while NOT has been 
removed entirely. For example, the permission to the above example might be:


It all looks a bit long-winded, but if we break it down, this command allows a 
variety of people access to alter the laws of Krondor.