Offerings and Shrines - Midkemia Online Online Help

11.3.1 Offerings and Shrines

Shrines are testaments to the glory of Gods of Midkemia, erected by high-ranking priests in the Holy Order of the God. Each shrine is aligned with a particular God, and a particular Sect of that God's Holy Order. Those who have attained high enough rank in an Order may ERECT SHRINE to create a new shrine.

Syntax:   OFFER <corpse>
          OFFER <corpse> TO SANCTIFY
          OFFER <corpse> TO DEFILE

Adventurers may offer corpses at the shrine, and the offering will increase the power of the God, and the Sect that controls the shrine. The offering is converted into divine essence for the God which fuels His or Her many powers, and is used by the Sect to invoke blessings and beseech divine powers from the shrine itself. Your beloved God will also be notified of the offering.

Further, a shrine has a particular level of sanctification that can be increased by specific offerings to sanctify the shrine. This represents the overall health and vitality of the shrine. When offerings are made to sanctify a shrine, they don't increase the power of the God and Sect, but instead increase the health of the shrine, making it more difficult to destroy.

Enemies of the God may wish to defile and destroy a shrine, however. These offerings to defile risk the wrath of the Holy Order of the God, and in particular the Sect which erected the shrine. Other Sects may often come to the defense of a shrine, however, since it is as direct an attack on the God and faith itself as a mortal may risk. Only members of an Order have the spiritual clout necessary to defile the shrine of a God.

Different Sects devoted to the same God or Goddess often compete over shrines, power, and influence. These Sects are still part of the same Holy Order, however, and so are unlikely to wish to destroy the shrines of another Sect. In these cases, they instead attempt to convert the shrine to their own Sect. To do so, you:


This costs your Sect essence, and will surely draw the wrath of the Sect that controls the shrine. After a shrine has been converted, it cannot be converted again for approximately 2 hours. If a shrine is partially converted but not completed, the conversion will slowly decay over time.

As you progress in rank in your Order, you will gain the ability to beseech your God or Goddess for various powers at your shrines.

   SECT PRIVS shows you your Order-related powers.

Many of the Order powers are related to shrines, and you must be at a shrine to use these powers. For these, you do:

   SECT <power>

Most of the shrine-related Order powers have a range dependent on the size of the shrine you beseech at. If it is a dormant shrine, you won't be able to beseech at all. The ranges are:

   Dormant: None.
   Small  : Same room only.
   Medium : One room radius.
   Large  : Two room radius.

Note that Worldburn is an exception, and it affects the influenced area of all your Sect's shrines, everywhere.

Please remember that beseeching these powers will cost your beloved Deity essence each time you use them. What rank you gain each power is completely dependent on the God or Goddess you have dedicated yourself to.

The various Order powers are:

   - Shrine power. See a list of Order shrines and their status.
   - Shrine power. Makes Order members harder to summon from shrine influence.
   - Lasts approximately 10 minutes.
   - Shrine power. Periodically heals Order members in shrine influence.
   - Lasts approximately 10 minutes.
   - Shrine power. Periodically cures Order member afflictions in shrine
   - Lasts approximately 10 minutes.
   - Shrine power. Periodically damages Order enemies in shrine influence.
   - Lasts approximately 10 minutes.
   - Shrine power. Attacks all Order enemies in all Order shrine influence.
   - Lasts approximately 10 minutes.
   - This is quite expensive to your God in terms of essence.
   - Brand someone an Order enemy or ally.
   - Syntax: SECT BRAND <person> [ENEMY <reason>|ALLY]
   - Induct someone into your Order. Syntax: SECT PATRON <person>
   - Cast a heretic out of your Order. Syntax: SECT CASTOUT <person>
   - Promotes an Ordinand to the first rank. Syntax: SECT PROMOTE <person>
   - Erect a shrine to your God.
   - This is very expensive to your God in terms of essence.
   - Shows a list of all Order enemies.
   - Show the status of an Order enemy. Syntax: ORDER ENEMYSTATUS <person>
   - Shows a list of all Order members.
   - Shows a list of offerings to at your Sect's shrines.
   - Using SUMMARY shows a summary view of offerings.
   - Clear the offerings records.
   - Reward or punish a member of your sect with Communion. 
   - Convert the shrine of another sect.
   - Protect a shrine from conversion for a time.

If your Deity has granted you the power, you may beseech Him or Her for divine blessings, which grant you personal powers at the cost of essence to your Deity. Each blessing lasts approximately 30 minutes. You may only have one blessing active at any given time, and beseeching another blessing will replace any existing blessing you possess. To beseech a blessing, you do:


If you are a member of the Priest class, you may also anoint others with these divine blessings. If you are anointing someone who is not a member of your Order sect, the cost of the blessing in terms of essence is increased. To beseech a blessing for another person, you do:

   SECT BLESSING <type> [<target>]

The blessings are:

   - Increases the damage you deal to Order enemies.
   - Increases the damage you deal to denizens (NPCs).
   - Increases the distance you may move before receiving the "too hasty"
   - Increases your health, endurance, magic, guile, and faith regeneration.
   - Allows you to cure a random affliction. Syntax: HEARTFIRE
   - This ability has a 3 minute cooldown.
   - Increases your maximum health, endurance, magic, guile, and faith.
   - Reduces the experience loss taken from dying.
   - This blessing, like the others, is consumed upon dying.