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16.3 Nighthawks

The Nighthawks are a legendary secret society of assassins that dabble in dark magic and other black arts. They are feared throughout the known world for their mastery of poisons and other means of eliminating their targets, and it is said that once they have taken a contract, they never fail.

Only the most daring or foolish contract their services, for their prices are exorbitant, and often in blood. They are thought to have been hunted to extinction in the Riftwar after the poisoning of Princess Anita in Krondor, though rumors always persist that the Nighthawks have merely retreated to hidden enclaves to bide their time.

No-one knows who the Nighthawks really are, but it is whispered that the surest way to contract their services is by seeking out the mysterious Night Altar in Yabon, and declaring vengeance upon another. Whether this is mere superstition, or indeed the altar to the local deity of Mother Night is indeed some eldritch method of contacting this secret society, is wholly unknown. What is known is that those who pray for the death of another at the Night Altar are quite often rewarded for their malicious thoughts.

The price of a contract with the Nighthawks is typically rather expensive, but for reasons unknown to all but those black-hearted assassins, it is significantly lower against those who have recently slain you, especially if you have not revenged yourself upon that person, or if they have slain you  repeatedly within a relatively short time period (at which point it is practically free).

A contract with the Nighthawks can be further flourished with requests, the gruesome details spared here, by praying at the Night Altar. You may request a curse be placed, similar in nature to that of a Divine disfavor, or a trophy be sawed from their body - leaving behind a horrifying mark. In addition to these two last rites, a request for a loss of experience can be made, but be warned that Mother Night will curse the requester as payment.

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