NATURE OF THE GODS - Midkemia Online Online Help


The Greater Gods care little for the worship and postulation of mortal
beings. Their existence is one of sacrifice, building and controlling the 
universe around them. They balance the forces which threaten to destroy 
existence while working to keep the different levels of reality separate. 
Their connection is to the fabric of reality and the basic primordial 
essence of Midkemia.

Of the Lesser God, they are forces of nature, mind and spirit. They are 
beings which are linked directly to the worship and growth of the beings of 
the world of Midkemia. The Lesser Gods have a personality which helps 
govern their nature. 

Although each Lesser God has many names and is worshipped in many ways, the 
essence of each is still the same. Whenever there is a large enough group 
of mortals or creatures willing to perceive the nature of the God in a 
certain way, a personification of the God materializes within the God to 
meet that nature. So it is that one God can be seen in many lights and can 
carry many different Names.

For example, Banath is known as the Trickster, God of Thieves, the Artful 
Dodger, the Prankster, the Night Walker, the Deceiver, Lawbreaker, the 
Silent Thief of Precious Commodities -- all are the diverse aspects of 
one God.

As long as there are enough mortals worshipping an aspect of a God, that 
God's essence can change to suit the aspect. The Midkemian Universe, to 
keep balance, has its own restrictions on the nature of the Gods. A God 
cannot change their nature: that being a God controls an aspect of reality 
in the Midkemian Universe and cannot change that aspect or interact with 
other universes where other Gods hold sway. Lims-Kragma cannot suddenly 
become a Goddess of Fire, as this realm is controlled by Prandur. In the 
process of trying to worship Lims-Kragma as a Goddess of nature, mortals 
inexplicitly begin worshiping a different existing divine, even if they 
do not realize it.

This is the nature of the Gods of Midkemia.