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10.1.2 Nationality

Your Nationality reflects the larger nation that encompasses your city. It is largely invisible to citizens of a city, though there are a few useful commands:

- NT <message>

Your Nationality is static, unless you join a different city from your home nationality. That is, a national of the Dark Brotherhood who joins Krondor will become a national of the Kingdom of the Isles. However, a national of the Dark Brotherhood who leaves or is kicked out of Sar-Sargoth remains a national of the Brotherhood.

You can, permanently, renounce your nationality if you are not a citizen of a city and do not wish to remain a national of your home state:


What does this do besides offer a channel? Not a whole lot right now, since it's intended mainly for expatriates to still be a member of and participate in a larger community (albeit without the benefits of citizenship)!

However, it *does* permit you to help your nation capture villages, so you can still take part in the org-based PK part of Midkemia, even if you are not on good terms with the city. This does not apply to siege castles right now, but if it goes well then we'll apply it there too.

The Ambassador and others with the ability to induct new citizens can also nationalize new national residents without inducting them into the city.

Free Cities
Midkemians not interested in joining a city, or aligning with one of the great nations, may join the Free Cities of Natal. See HELP FREE CITIES for details about this path.