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4.17 Namechanges & the Name Generator

Name Generator
We provide a name generator for those of us who always get stuck when we
try to think of a great name (this Scribe, especially, suffers so). These
names are, by default, designed to match the language of your race. However,
you can also choose to generate names from other races.

Please note that the names generated may already be taken by another
player (or NPC), or be otherwise unavailable. If so, try modifying the name!

Syntax:    NAMEGEN
           NAMEGEN [race]

The race can be Kingdom, Tsurani, Elven (for both Moredhel and Eledhel),
or Dwarven.

Background on Names and Changing
Changing your name is frowned upon. Put some thought into your name so that
changing it is not necessary. If you are still unhappy with your name, then
you may change it if you meet these requirements:

You must have played less than 30 hours: once you have been around that long,
your name is beginning to be known, and you will not be allowed to change.

You must also have never changed your name before. If you've already changed,
then no more changes will be allowed.

If you are allowed to change, then you may do so: choose wisely! Do not choose
a name you are embarrased of or wouldn't want recorded in the scrolls of

Limits on Changing Your Name
You may change your name if
   * you have played less than 30 hours, and
   * you are level 20 or lower, and
   * you have not changed your name before.

How to Change your Name
To change your name, the command is NAMECHANGE <new name>.

If your name is deemed inappropriate, you may be asked to change it at your next login.

Good Names
Good names are new, original, custom, created by you for Midkemia - it's unique.

- multiple words (thegreatone, slowhead, lordsmith).
- trade or protected names (Cocacola, Microsoft, Nabisco).
- refer to anything in Midkemia (Krondor, Ranger, Elf)
- names overly similar to existing Midkemian immortal names.
- names that are already claimed in Midkemian lore (Pug, Borric, et al)

- include cursewords, profanity, or racial epithets
- include multiple repeated letters (bobbbb, zzzzeeerrrrooo)
- are keyboard jokes (asdf, qwerty)
- are probably unpronounceable (xfsy, kjlkwyz)

It should be noted, another player cannot and should not ask or demand you alter your name. If you recieve notification that you need to change your name, it is because the Admin has noticed that it breaks one of the aforementioned rules.

Choosing a name in the FORBIDDEN category will result in a name change. 

Choosing a name in the POOR category should result in a name change, though
sometimes, despite our best efforts, a few of these slip through the cracks.

Choosing a name in the GOOD category will be safest and best and, most
important of all, it will be the most fun for you.

Please do not pressure or demand another player change his/her name. If a newbie has a name that is in someway offense and you are concerned about it perhaps falling through the cracks, feel free to message one of the divine or issue YOURSELF - not the newbie in question. Harassing new players about their name will result in some serious grumpiness from those Who can zap.