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5.15 Motto

(See also: HELP WARCRY)

Your motto is pretty much anything you want to keep as your own personal saying. 
When you type MOTTO, you will recite it proudly.

   SET MOTTO <yournewmotto> - to set your new motto.
   SET MOTTO CLEAR          - to get rid of your motto altogether.

If Ishap types:
   SET MOTTO Magic is fun! BE THE MAGIC!

Then when Ishap types: MOTTO, people will see:
Ishap is filled with proud joy as he declaims, "Magic is fun! BE THE MAGIC!"

Use common sense for your motto. It doesn't have to be as serious as a warcry (see 
HELP WARCRY). You may only have a motto OR a warcry - not both.

Never use anything OOC (out of character) in a motto.

(See also: HELP WARCRY)