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18.1.1 Moon Phases in Midkemia

The three moons of Midkemia cycle through all their phases approximately every month: 28 days in the case of Albion, and 32 days in the case of her sister Luna. The eldest and largest moon, Aglaranna, takes 36 days to cycle through her phases. The peak moon phases for the two smaller moons (new, first quarter, full, last quarter) last only one Midkemian day, while the waxing and waning phases last substantially longer.

The triune moons are named Aglaranna, Luna, and Albion. Aglaranna is an eledhel word meaning "Gift," and she is the largest of the moons. Albion is the smallest and swiftest of the sisters. In the Kingdom of the Isles, and most other human nations, the common-folk refer to the moons by their size rather than by any formal name, knowing them only as Big, Middle and Little Moon.

DATE will show you the current phases of the moons.

  PHASE              ALBION   LUNA   AGLARANNA LENGTH  (in Midkemian days) 
  *New Moon            1        1      2
  *Waxing Crescent     6        7      7
  *First Quarter       1        1      2
  *Waxing Gibbous      6        7      7
  *Full Moon           1        1      2
  *Waning Gibbous      6        7      7
  *Last Quarter        1        1      1
  *Waning Crescent     6        7      7

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