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19.9.3 Miscellaneous Artifacts

Miscellaneous Artifacts

Note About Investing
Artifacts that must be invested (and the invested item wielded or worn) in 
order to work properly are marked with an (INVESTED) tag to the far right of 
the artifact name.

Note About Stacking
Artifact effects (for similar artifacts) don't combine or stack. If you have,  
say, an Icy Jewel of Striking and a Fire Jewel of Striking, then only one will  
boost the damage and rate at which you land critical hits. In  these cases, the 
higher valued artifact is always the one that works. The other artifact has no  
effect. In general, the best item rules, but there may be exceptions. So don't  
count on having two artifacts and somehow stacking or combining their effects.


A Tsurani Transportation Orb: 2500 credits
   - A prized contruction of Kelewan, there is no method of travel faster than a 
     Tsurani Transportation Orb. One does not need to be a magician to activate 
     this pinnacle of lesser path magics, you need only hold it in their hand. 
     Transporting you to a personal sanctuary where you will be able to arrange 
     several exits to desired locations.

Altar of Resurrection: 2500 credits
   - Allows you to ALTAR PLACE this artifact in a room and, upon death, you 
     will be resurrected here after visiting the Halls instead of your usual 
     respawn point. You may ALTAR RECALL to recall the artifact to your 
     inventory and change the place.

An Orb of Scrying: 750 credits
   - Far more accute than a bowl of water, an Orb of Scrying can pinpoint your 
     targets location precisely.

Assassin's Unseen Mark: 750 credits              (INVESTED)
   - This artifact masks the deathsight when you kill another player.

Banath's Lesser Vault: 350 credits
   - This artifact doubles the size of your Vault, allowing you to
     store twice as many commodities as you would normally be able.

Banath's Greater Vault: 500 credits
   - This artifact quadruples the size of your Vault, allowing you
     to store four times as many commodities as you would normally
     be able.

Barbed Net: 1000 credits
   - Allows the wielder of this artifact to pull rogues from rooftops, 
     which damages them in their fall.

Cache of the Red-Jawed Hunter: 9 credits
   - Caches of the Red-Jawed Hunter give you a random mix of five treechews for 
     the price of three.                   

Charm of Celerity: 450 credits                   (INVESTED)
   - This artifact allows you to move one additional room per second before
     receiving the "too hasty" message.

Design Book Supplement: 250 credits
   - This addendum to a design book allows the owner to seal up to 25 more crafting designs from upkeep.

Dwarven Ore Detector: 150 credits
   - Possessing this artifact in your inventory when you SURVEY an area will reveal the number of available resource nodes in an area. (This includes both revealed and hidden ones.)

Emblem of Critical Application of Force: 10 credits
   - This artifact grants the user one hour of extra critical chance.
   Note: This artifact is consumed on use.

Engraver's Toolset: 350 credits
   - This toolset allows the owner to ENGRAVE any message up to 40 characters on any piece of armor, weapons or jewelry.

Eye of Cosmic Perception: 300 credits            (INVESTED)
   - This artifact allows you to see who has scried you, or used a similar
     ability, when your foreboding defense is triggered. NOTE: this
     artifact requires foreboding to be active to function.

Gem of Cloaking: 400 credits 
   - Will hide your name from the qwho list when activated. 
     This will not prevent scrying or any other type of locating.

Gem of Transmutation: 1000 credits
   - This artifact allows you to reset your stats once per real life day,
     by doing RESET STATS.

Glyph of Photographic Memory: 250 credits       (INVESTED)
   - This artifact increased the maximum number of rifts a magician can 
     memorize by 5.

Language Permit: 150 credits
   - This artifact allows you to learn an additional language. You can
     buy up to 10 language permits. Once you have a language permit,
     you can do LANGUAGE LEARN to see a list of languages you can

     This artifact isn't sold in the artifact shop. Rather, you can:

Mark of Dimensional Capacity: 100 credits        (INVESTED)
   - This unique artifact must be invested into a pack, satchel, or
     pouch. Once attached, the pack will no longer decay, will have its
     size increased to hold up to 100 items, and will reset to your
     inventory periodically - ensuring it can't be permanently stolen.

Master Teller's Book of Tales: 500 credits
   - This legendary book of tales allows you to use the STORYTELL ability and 
     weave your own enchanting stories. If you are already a skilled 
     performance user, this book will reduce your STORYTELL cooldown to one 
     third, allowing you to perform more often.

Medal of Expanded Memory: 150 credits
   - This artifact increases the number of allies and enemies you
     may declare from 20 to 30. NOTE: This artifact does not stack.

Memory Orbs
   - This artifact allows you to use the MEMORY abilities (see HELP
     MEMORIES anywhere. Additionally, the memory orbs reduce the
     time required to regain your full proficiency in the skillsets
     you retrieve, allowing you to switch between classes and
     specializations much more rapidly (it takes a full 60 minutes with
     no orb). Memory orbs also eliminate the lesson cost associated with
     retrieving memories. Memory orbs are only usable by the owner.

  Bronze Memory-Orb                  :  250 credits : 45 minute recovery.
  Silver Memory-Orb                  :  500 credits : 30 minute recovery.
  Gold Memory-Orb                    : 1000 credits : 15 minute recovery.

Manuscript of Masterful Sociolinguistics: 150 credits
   - This item allows you to VOICETRAIN your vocals to a larger array of accents.

Merchant's Mobile Shop: 2250 credits
   - While city's have higher population than other areas, they also have taxes. 
     Avoid the governmental grip on your shop by setting up your personal roaming pavilion.

Orb of Statistical Renewal: 100 credits
   - This artifact allows you to RESET STATS and reset all the statistic
     points you have allocated, so you can redistribute them again. In
     the process, this artifact is consumed: so it is a one-time use.

Orb of Wild Experience: 30 credits
   - This artifact allows you to earn 100% increased experience for the
     following 24 real-life hours after it is activated. After you have
     purchased the artifact, use ARTIFACT ACTIVATE <id> to activate it.

     *** This artifact does NOT stack with other Double XP bonuses or
         promotions and is a one time use item.

Pair of Forger's Gloves: 250 credits
   - These gloves allow the owner to use powerful new options with the SMELTing skill in Smithing.

Prismatic Chisel: 50 credits
   - This chisel allows the owner to safely remove an imbued rune from an object. The object itself will survive unharmed,though the chisel will be consumed on use.

Rune of Quickening: 300 credits                  (INVESTED)
   - This artifact allows you to walk normally with one broken leg.

Rune of Ruthia's Alacrity: 800 credits           (INVESTED)
   - This artifact reduces the natural endurance cost of movement,
     down to a minimum of 1 movement per room. It does not effect
     abilities that increase your movement cost, such as notice (those    
     additional costs cannot be reduced).

Rune of Sustenance: 600 credits                  (INVESTED)
   - This artifact eliminates the need to naturally eat and sleep. That
     is, you will no longer gain hunger or tiredness over time.

Scout's Hollow Tooth: 15 credits
   - Why let someone else take your life when you can take it yourself? 
     Just BITE the TOOTH to release a fast reacting poison into your body. 
     Not only will it kill you instantly, it will prevent your foe from 
     achieving the killing blow.

     Note: This artifact is consumed on use.

Scroll of Linguistic Forgetfulness: 50 credits
   - This artifact allows you to RESET LANGUAGES and reset any additional
     languages beyond your basic racial languages that you may have learned.
     For Kingdom Humans, it resets your secondary language choice so that
     you may re-select it. This is a one-time use artifact: using it will
     consume the artifact.

Silban's Fertilizing Pouch: 500 credits
   - At the cost of 50 plant harvest charges, you can CULTIVATE to spawn a 
     random plant appropriate to the environment you are in. This plant will 
     spawn only if it is not already growing there. NOTE: THIS DOES NOT WORK 

Societyslot Permit: 25 credits
   - This artifact allows you to join an additional society beyond the
     maximum limit of 10 societies. You can buy up to 20 societyslot
     This artifact isn't sold in the artifact shop. Rather, you can:

Talon of the Red God: 150 credits
   - You are able to use this artifact to alter the description of the severed 
     or piked head of your enemies.
   Note: This artifact is consumed on use.

Treechew: 3 credits
   - Treechews come in a variety of shapes, sizes and flavors, each of which
     will boost an individual aspect of your adventurer. Treechews are consumed
     on use artifacts and are each purchased separately. The array of treechews 
     and their functions are listed below.
       * A square of spiced treechew - Increases health by 5% for one hour
       * A square of raisin treechew - Increases endurance by 10% for one hour
       * A square of licorice treechew - Increases guile by 10% for one hour
       * A square of berry treechew - Increases Faith by 10% for one hour
       * A square of lemon treechew - Increases magic by 10% for one hour
       * A square of zesty treechew - Increases regeneration speed for one hour

Waterwalking Boots: 500 credits
   - Wearing the boots will allow one to hover over water in a manner similar 
     to magicians.