MISCELLANEOUS - Midkemia Online Online Help


18.1    Calendar            About Midkemia's calendar.
18.1.1  Moon Phases         About the two moons of Midkemia.
18.1.2  Time Warps          When was wasn't.
18.2    Date                About the date command, and converting dates.
18.2.1  GMT                 Real world time zones and GMT.
18.3    Levellist           A list of the adventurer experience levels.
18.3.1  Experience          Experience defined, explained.
18.4    Noviceintro         About Midkemia's automated novice introduction.
18.5    Plants              About the plant-life of Midkemia.
18.6    Hall of Worlds      The Hall of Worlds, and accessing it.
18.7    Special Emotions    A list of Midkemia's special emotions.
18.8    Promotions          How to become a Celani.
18.8.1  Demigods            What's that?
18.9    Everything          Help on everything and anything.