MIDKEMIAN GODS - Midkemia Online Online Help


11.1     Gods                   The rulers on high.
11.1.1   Celani                 Servants of the Gods.
11.2     Divine Nature          Nature of the Gods.
11.3     Holy Orders            What they are, what they do.
11.3.1   Shrines                Shrines, offerings, and shrine powers.
11.3.2   Communion              Your personal communion with your Patron.
11.3.3   Sects                  Established modes of worship.
11.3.4   Cults                  Nascent Sects.
11.4     Temples                The Temples of the Gods.
11.5     Divinefavor            Rewards and punishments from the Gods.
11.5.1   Boons                  Divine Boons and the Labyrinth of the Gods.

11.6     The First Gods         The Blind Gods of the Beginning.

11.7     Greater Gods           The Builder Gods.
11.7.1   Ishap                  The Matrix.
11.7.2   Arch-Indar             The Selfless.
11.7.3   Nameless One           The Selfish.
11.7.4   Abrem-Sev              Forger of Action.
11.7.5   Ev-Dem                 Worker from Within.
11.7.6   Graff                  Weaver of Desire.
11.7.7   Helbinor               The Abstainer.
11.7.8   Tock                   The Palimpsest.

11.8     Lesser Gods
11.8.1   Astalon                The Just.
11.8.2   Banath                 The Artful Dodger.
11.8.3   Dala                   Shield of the Weak.
11.8.4   Guis-wan               The Bayer after Moons.
11.8.5   Ka-hooli               The Howler After Fugitives.   Temple of Ka-hooli   The Temple of Ka-hooli.
11.8.6   Killian                The Singer of Green Silences.
11.8.7   Lims-Kragma            The Drawer of Nets.
11.8.8   Prandur                The Burner of Cities.
11.8.9   Ruthia                 The Dancer through Men's Hearts.
11.8.10  Silban                 The Earthmother.
11.8.11  Sung                   The White.
11.8.12  Tith-Onanka            The Two-Faced War God.