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19.19.1 Midkemia Banner

Are you proud of your accomplishments in Midkemia and want to do your part to bring new, impressionable people to MKO? Do you like earning credits when other people spend money? Well, then we might have the perfect solutions for you!

The Midkemia Online forum banner!

The next time you're trying to decide what MKO-related bling to fill your signature with on random x forums, just pop your head into the game and enter the command BANNERCODE to be given html and BBcode lines you can just copy and paste into your signature to give it the perfect Midkemian accentuation.

For use on MKO's forums, copy the HTML option, go to edit your signature, and make sure to use the 'paste as plain text' button to paste the code in. Save, and your new MKO signature is there for everyone to appreciate!

It's also worth pointing out that people referred via your signature who end up buying credits will end up granting you a small portion of credits... if you really needed to be bribed to bring people to the game.

--Note: If you'd like to change the image in the banner, log into your character in the HTML5 client(http://client.midkemiaonline.com), right click the image to the right of the input and use that to either choose or upload an image.