Messaging in Midkemia - Midkemia Online Online Help

3.10 Messaging in Midkemia

General message-related commands
These are all of the primary commands for handling messages.  Anything that can be done with messages can be done by using the following commands.

MSG <player> <message>                  - to send a message to someone.         
MSG FORWARD <#> TO <player>             - forward a message to someone else.
MSG REPLY <message>                     - reply to your last read message.

MSG MOVE <#> TO <folder>                - move a message to a folder.
MSG MOVE FROM <player> TO <folder>      - move all messages from a player to
                                          a specific folder.

MSG DELETE <#>                          - delete a message.
MSG DELETE RANGE <#> TO <#>             - delete a range of messages.

MSG FOLDER RENAME <folder> TO <name>    - rename an existing folder.
MSG FOLDER EMPTY <folder> [CONFIRM]     - delete all messages in a folder.
MSG FOLDER CREATE <folder>              - create a new folder.
MSG FOLDER DELETE <folder> [CONFIRM]    - delete an existing folder.
MSG FOLDER SUMMARY                      - list folders, number of messages
                                          unread and total message counts.
MSG LIST ALL|INBOX|<folder> [start #]   - list all messages in the specified

MSG READ <#|LAST|LATEST>                - read a message by number, or read
                                          the last one you read.
MSG NEXT|PREV[IOUS]                     - read next or previous message.
MSG SEARCH <terms>                      - search all messages for the
                                          specified terms.
MSG SEARCH FROM <person> [start]        - find all messages from person.

CONFIG RETURNMESSAGE <text>             - set the text that is automatically
                                          displayed to others when they send you
                                          a message (e.g. "Thanks for the 

Shortcut Commands
These commands are shortcuts for some of the ones above, making it easier for you to navigate through and handle your messages.

CMSG                - Shortcut for MSG FOLDER EMPTY
DM|DELMSG           - Shortcut for MSG DELETE
MSGS|MESSAGES       - Shortcut for MSG LIST
RL                  - Shortcut for MSG PREVIOUS
RM                  - Shortcut for MSG NEXT