Mentors - Midkemia Online Online Help

6.8 Mentors

The mentoring system in Midkemia is a system that is designed to ensure a friendly reception into Midkemia by newbies. When an older adventurer offers to become your mentor, you may AGREE if you wish to become their protege, or do nothing to politely refuse.

AGREE with care, since you may never have another mentor, even if you end up getting rid of this one. Don't let anyone coerce you into becoming your mentor! It is a decision you should undertake with care.

If you want to see a list of online mentors, do MENTORWHO. MENTORWHO gives additional information about those mentors who are citizens of your city, as they are more likely a better fit to help you than those from another nation which may or may not be hostile towards yours.

Mentors and Proteges can PATH FIND <other person> and then PATH GO to speedwalk to that person. This ability only works up until the protege can become a mentor himself. See HELP SPEEDWALKING for more information.

If you decide that you do not wish to retain a mentor or protege, you may RENOUNCE MENTOR or RENOUNCE PROTEGE <player> to dissolve the mentorship. This is irreversible, though you can get another mentor if you are still eligible.

You can only gain a mentor up until 
     - You have purchased credits or 
     - You have played more than 50 real-life hours

After either of those are true, you are ineligible to gain a mentor.

Bonuses for Mentors
Mentors receive several bonuses when interacting with their proteges, to recognize the time and effort that goes into this interaction.

- Mentors gain an experience bonus when hunting with their proteges
  - a 10% bonus if at least one protege is of a lower level than the mentor
  - a 5% xp bonus otherwise
    (You must both be in the same Party for this bonus to be effective.)
- Mentors gain more from teaching their proteges in learning lessons than
  do normal players, be it in either experience or skill proficiency.