Memories and Multiclassing - Midkemia Online Online Help

8.2.1 Memories and Multiclassing

Storing memories is a rare feat of Lesser Path magic, allowing the Magician to extract the memories of a person and store them for later use. In practical terms, this allows a player to store their skillsets for later use, allowing him or her to switch easily between classes.

           MEMORY STORE <class|skillset>
           MEMORY RETRIEVE <class|skillset>

Storing Skills and Classes
Only classes and specializations may be stored, since there is no need to ever abandon other skillsets. Classes are stored as a whole (that is, a Rogue does not store his abilities in Fencing and Subtlety separate, rather he stores his entire profession). Specializations are stored on an individual basis: a Priest may wish to store Thanatology in order to study Pyromania, and so forth.

To store a class or skillset, one must either possess a Memory Orb artifact (see HELP ARTIFACTS MISC), or seek out a Memory Magician in one of the major cities. Then one can simply MEMORY STORE <class> to store a class, or MEMORY STORE <skillset> to store a specialization.

The lessons invested into the class or skillset will be preserved for later use. If you are storing a class (not a specialization), your current stats will also be stored with that class, and retrieving that class will set your stats to whatever they were when you last stored the class.

Retrieving Skills and Classes
With either a Memory Orb or Memory Magician present, one can simply MEMORY RETRIEVE <class> or MEMORY RETRIEVE <skillset> to re-activate their stored memories. Note that you must be eligible to activate the class or skillset in order to do so (i.e., a Priest in a Divine Order cannot retrieve the specialization of a different God, or a Rogue cannot activate Demonology, as that is a Magician specialization).

When a memory is retrieved, it will cause a temporary memory loss, reducing your effective proficiency in the skillset to Inept. You will slowly recover these memories over the span of an hour, with your maximum possible proficiency increasing towards Transcendent in 5 minute increments.

In addition, if you are retrieving a class, it will set your statistics (str, int, etc.) to whatever they were when you last stored that class, allowing you to maintain separate stat setups for each class you store that make sense for that class.

Note that it costs 25 lessons per skillset to retrieve memories (so 25 for specializations, and 50 lessons for classes).

It is possible to speed up this process by purchasing a Memory Orb artifact (see HELP ARTIFACTS MISC), created by that legendary enchanter, Althafain of Carse. A Memory Orb also eliminates the lesson cost of retrieving memories.