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3.7.2 Market Channel


The market channel is a venue for sellers to quickly find buyers and vice versa. If you have something to sell or need to buy something in a hurry, this is the channel to use!

Command         What it does
-------         ------------
MARKETON      - turns the market channel on.
MARKETOFF     - turns the market channel off.
MARKET <text> - sends your message to the market channel. 

The Basic Idea
Market use should be:
- explicit buying or selling, and
- legitimate goods and services only.

 1 Explicit:
   Make it clear you are buying something, or selling. Use words
   like 'buying' or 'paying for' or 'offering gold for' or something
   equally explicit for buying; for selling, use words like 'selling'
   or 'offering for sale' or other equally explicit terms.

 2 Valid:
   Whatever you are offering to buy, or offering to sell, it should
   exist and be reasonable to buy or sell it. It can be an item (like
   a bomb or sword) or a service (like resurrection, or a hunting partner).

There are many different languages in Midkemia and often, you might not understood what is said over the market channel. Not all goods are being sold to any individual. A Moredhel from Sar-Sargoth likely shouldn't be seen publically trading with a Kingdom human, for example. See HELP LANGUAGES for further information.

The market channel is not a social channel (*: see note at end). It is strictly for buying and selling of legitimate goods and services. You may also mention public events such as festivals and tournaments which are accessible to a substantial portion of Midkemia's adventurers.

Since it is one of the few worldwide channels, the market channel is closely monitored for abuse. Please be aware and follow HELP LANGUAGE RULES and HELP OOC to ensure you are using market appropriately.

If you violate the rules, or the offences are great, it is possible for you to lose your market privileges permanently.

Who can Use Market?
Anybody level 10 or over may use the market channel, unless that person has had his privileges revoked.

* Other channels that may fulfill your socialising needs: city, guild,
  society, or order, plus yell, say, shout, and tell.