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8.4 Magician

Greater-Path Magicians are masters of the arcane and magic, following in the steps of Pug of Stardock, Macros the Black and the Great-Ones of the Tsurani Assembly. As a magician you can tap into arcane power of terrible destruction which is quick to learn and easy to master. Although these practitioners hold power unheard of by normal mortals, they are also the most vulnerable to taking damage, as their craft requires them to wear light robes or cloaks rather than armor.

Magicians start with the skills of Arcana and Thaumaturgy.

Arcana skills are those of pure magic and is often associated with temporal and mystical arts. With Arcana a skilled magician can slow time, create protective barriers around themselves, levitate off the ground and create the gray rifts that transport themselves and their allies quickly across Triagia.

With Thaumaturgy a magician taps into the raw temporal power of the elements. From creating miniature earthquakes, raining down ice spikes or creating pyroclasms of raw fire and power, Thaumaturgy is the skillset that differentiates a magician from a street conjurer.