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7.10 Liquids

There are many kinds of liquids in Midkemia, ranging from simple water to various alcoholic beverages, to the deadly poisons used by Rogues and assassins. These liquids are almost invariably stored in bottles, vials, and other containers designed specifically for this purpose.

The weather always has an effect on any liquids, and can cause them to either freeze or boil, or be somewhere in between. Be careful when drinking boiling liquids, as you're likely to burn your tongue! Perhaps fortunately, it is not possible to drink frozen liquids.

Syntax: FILL <container> FROM <container>
        FILL <container> FROM ENVIRONMENT
        POUR <container> INTO <container>
        HEAT <container/liquid> OVER FIRE
        DRINK or SIP <container/liquid>

Trying to fill from ENVIRONMENT will attempt to fill your container with water if you are in an appropriate location (lake, river, ocean, etc.)

Be careful when drinking too much alcohol, as you may get drunk!